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Group will be adhering to the "integrity, professionalism, challenges, innovation," the purpose of the enterprise
Unremitting self-improvement, enterprising spirit, open mind, embrace the world, and strive to create a hundred years huiyang!


Penglai is where Penglai Pavilion- one of the Four Great Towers of ancient China locates, illusory mirage occurs, Eight Immortals rumor, and the largest port in the north of the ancient China and the Silk Road of the Orient on the Sea starts. At the advent of the new century, here a new legend of the surging economic globalization gives birth. Shandong Huiyang Group is to thrive in this land endowed with superior geographical environment and warm and pleasant climate, adding infinite charm to Penglai like a bright pearl. Penglai Jinglu Fishery Co., Ltd. was established in June 1990 and developed into Shandong Huiyang Group in 2006. It has five branches: Penglai Jinglu Fishery Co., Ltd., Penglai Huiyang Food Co., Ltd., Penglai Jinglu Food Co., Ltd., Penglai Lujing Food Co., Ltd., and Penglai Jinglu Shipbuilding Industry Co., Ltd. It has now grown into a comprehensive joint-stock enterprise integrating deep-sea fishing, export processing of aquatic products, deep processing and sales of prepared foods, mariculture, and shipbuilding. With joint efforts of all the staff over the years, the enterprise has been awarded the National Demonstration Base of Agricultural Product Processing Industry, the National Standardized Good Conduct Enterprise, the Technological Innovation Institution of the National Agricultural Product Processing Enterprise, the Standardized Integrated Test Area of the National Export Aquatic Products, and the Outstanding Leading Food Company of the National Food Industry. The prepared food is honored with China Top Brand.

Based on fishing, it develops industrial operations for sustainable growth. After years of continuous efforts and exploration, the deep-sea fishing fleet has accumulated a wealth of experience. The Group now has 6 squid fishing boats and 6 ultra-low temperature tuna longliners, doing year-round jobs in the North Pacific, the Indian Ocean, South America, Argentina, Peru and other places. The annual increase of fishing amount provides adequate protection for aquatic products processing. The Group also deals with mariculture. It has two large-scale aquaculture plants with the water body of 15,000m3, breeding sea cucumber, abalone, sole, scallo, and turbot, and receiving good economic benefits.

The Group has 18 modern processing plants of aquatic products with the annual processing capacity of over 60,000 tons of finished products, staffed with over 4,500 employees including 100-plus technical R&D staff; 8 cold storages with the capacity of 68,000 tons including one public bonded warehouse; and 5 modern refrigerating stations. The plants have passed the certifications of ISO9001, ISO10002, ISO10015, and ISO14001 Quality Management Systems, IFS International Food Standard, EU Registration, BRC, OHSAS18001, HACCP System, and HALAL, and CNAS Laboratory Accreditation, and Prepared Food Factory Registration. The certificate of pollution-free agricultural products was issued by the National Standardization Management Committee. It has declared more than 100 patents. Of which, the pioneering Research Project of -60°C Working Medium (Ammonia) Tuna Repository was listed as the National Spark Program and a key project of Shandong Province Scientific and Technological Development Plan in 2007, and the first prize of the Outstanding Achievement of Technological Innovation in Shandong Province in 2009. The Testing Center of the Group is rated as the first batch regional testing center of export agricultural products in Shandong Province and is approved to issue the authoritative test report.

The enterprise is mainly engaged in the deep processing of the green, safe, and pollution-free squid, mackerel, Spanish mackerel, salmon, tuna, shrimps and crabs, shellfish and other aquatic products from the deep sea as well as prepared foods, reaching over 2,000 varieties. Primarily exporting products to Japan, the United States, and the European Union, it has established good partnerships with large clients such as Meiwa, Itochu, Shinko, Hachikan, Sojitz, and MAR.

In April 2006, the Group set up Penglai Zhongbai Jinglu Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. covering a total area of 840,000m2, focusing on shipbuilding and combining marine engineering and manufacturing. The shipbuilding company is included in the key shipbuilding enterprises and key construction projects of the 11th Five-Year Development Plan in the shipbuilding industry of Shandong Province. Of over 4,500 employees, there are more than 400 engineering and management personnel. It reaches an annual production capacity of 2 million dwt. The shipbuilding company has one 369m*102m building dock, one 275m*69m berth; 2,500m outfitting quay; two 17,000m2 steelshops; two modern painting workshops, one 32,400m2 paragraphing manufacturing plant; one 16,000m2 outfitting shops; equipped with two 150T and one 500T shipbuilding gantry cranes, as well as more than 700 sets of dedicated shipbuilding equipment like steel pretreatment line, CNC plasma cutting machine, cold frame bending machine, large oil press, and three-roller miller. Sophisticated hardware facilities and state-of-the-art machinery and equipment are more conducive to a world-class shipbuilding enterprise.

At the end of 2008, the Group launched the frozen prepared food market. The company has more than 30 skilled food researchers. The powder, barbecue, and cooked wheaten food, the styling products and hundreds of approved products. One year later, it has a dozen of the domestic large and medium-sized frozen prepared product markets in Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Guangdong, Liaoning, Xinjiang, Beijing, and Yunnan into the wholesale, distribution, supermarket, catering, and fast food fields. So far, the company has occupied over 50 markets and plans to reach 120 markets in 2013. While getting the rapid development of the domestic food market, the company simultaneously launches the national chain development strategy. It has now conducted cooperation with chains like Dicos, Wallace, Papa John's, and FamilyMart and entered into long-term stable cooperative relations.

Over the years, the Group always adheres to the “people-oriented” business philosophy, and strives to achieve the four objectives: Customer satisfaction - staff satisfaction first; Maximum performance - employees working hard happily; Good discipline - a learning-oriented and efficient team; Safe Jinglu - equal power of survival and safe living environment for employees. The people-oriented harmonious concept of equality is reflected in everything: the company provides free lunch and accommodation, grants material benefits regularly, opens a clinic at fair prices, offers yearly free checkups, and conducts regular staff trainings due to the long-term development goal of a learning enterprise. The company also focuses on corporate culture innovation and sets up large recreation rooms, bulletin boards, a library, and training rooms to fully meet the staff needs on culture, living and entertainment.

Looking ahead, the group will, sticking to the business tenet of “Credit, Dedication, Challenge, Innovation”, make self-improvement with an open mind and strive to build a century-old Huiyang!