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Penglai Zhongbai Jinglu Ship Industry Co., Ltd. (hereinafter called “Jinglu Shipyard”) established in April 2006, is located in Penglai Xicheng Lingang Industry Zone, is a final assembly enterprise engaged in shipbuilding and also ocean engineering manufacturing. The registered capital is USD44.88 million and the total area is one million square meters. There are all kinds of shipbuilding equipment and facilities. There are 98000 m2 outdoor block-fabricating site, 32400 m2 block-fabricating workshop, 160000 m2 block advance outfitting and group-assembling site. The outfitting quay is about 2200m. There are two steel processing workshops each with an area of 17000 m2, two seats of one shot-blasting two painting and coating workshops, the total area is 12800 m2, one outfitting workshop with the area of 16000 m2 , the material stocking site has the area of 10000m2. The planned annual production capacity is 1,000,000 deadweight. There owns over 4000 employees, including more than 400 technicians and the management personnel, more than 2000 workers with work lisence.

Jinglu shipyard was awarded by Fishing Vessel Inspection Bureau of Ministry of agriculture “The Shipbuilding and Technical Demonstration Base for Ocean Fishing Vessel” in 2012 and got the qualifications to build Class I steel fishing vessels and to design the B grade fishing vessels at the same year. In 2013, the shipyard was selected by Ministry of agriculture the qualification as the special shipyard to build the fisheries administration vessels under 1000 tons. The shipyard is a major shipbuilding enterprise defined by the"12th Five-Year" plan of Shipbuilding industry in Shandong Province, is vice-chairman unit of CHINA ASSOCIATION OF THE NATIONAL SHIPBUILDING INDUSTRY. In 2014, Jinglu shipyard was awarded “Mainland and Taiwan (Penglai ) Fishery Cooperation and Exchange Demonstration Base”, and was awarded by Shandong Provincial Oceanic and Fishery Department “Design and Shipbuilding Base of Shandong Ocean Fishing Vessel”.

The product contains merchant ship, public service ship, fishing vessel, ocean engineering etc.. The typical merchant products are 7000 DWT chemical tanker, 75200/64000/82000 DWT panamax bulk carriers. The high-end fishing vessels include 77m saury / squid fishing vessel, 1200GT tuna purse Seine, 59.6 meters ultra-low temperature tuna longline vessel, 44.9 m stern trawlers and 69 m squid fishing vessel. The public service ships include 100 / 300T fishery patrol vessels, science research vessels and so on. Owners come from Europe, Americas, Asia and so on.

At present Jinglu shipyard has passed though the authentications including Quality Management System ISO9001, Environmental Management System ISO14001:2004 and Occupation Health Safety Management System OHSAS18001:2007. It is the Committee member units of China Technical Committee authorized by the Class GL, BV and LR.

The technical center of Jinglu shipyard was approved by “Provincial enterprise technology center” of Shandong province, it is the high-tech enterprises in Shandong province. Many technique items of 77 meters saury / squid fishing vessel, 59.6 m ultra low temperature tuna longline vessel and 1200GT tuna purse Seiner, are independent researched and developed by Jinglu shipyard filled up the domestic Vacancies, which made key contribution to promote the technical level of fishing vessel’s equipment in China. "China Ship News" published the relevant reports about "the shipbuilding technology of Jinglu ship industry as good as of ocean engineering."

Jinglu Shipyard takes “diligent, frugality, respect, belief” as the personal principle and "integrity, dedication, challenge, innovation" as the enterprise’s spirit. Under the quality policy "elaborate design, refined management, normative working, to satisfy the customers", the company is making efforts to provide high quality products and services to the customers both in domestic and abroad.